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Welcome Parents, we at Aggies FC understand how much of an integral part you play in your child's development and their participation within our club, so we would like you to be more involved.

Please see below a link to our unique parents questionnaire as we would like to understand what we as a club can do more for you and your child, we would like know what direction you would like the club to go and anything else that you think might help grow the club and we look forward to your feedback. (LINK to Questionnaire)

Our head coach Simon Collins has also developed an area where you can help develop your child at home as that is where soccer starts for most players. The page will be a private page and you will login to access it. On the page we will have some educational videos around ball mastery and the 1v1 scenarios that happen all over the pitch. This will help you understand the importance of making these individual skills a priority and help develop these skills to make the game more simple and comfortable for your child as it is ALL ABOUT THEM AND THEIR DEVELOPMENT!!


If you have any questions about anything above please contact Simon on We look forward to shaping the future of the club together with you.

Soccer Fans

parents - we need you!!

We are always looking for great coaches to join our team!

If you love soccer and want to make a difference for good both on and off the field, then we have a home for you as a coach!

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