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A soccer ball on grass


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Aggies FC is Cache Valleys non-profit Premier Soccer Club that dedicates its time and focus to the development and betterment of young athletes. Our coaches and directors of the club are dedicated volunteers that are highly skilled. Most carry their National D or C license. Our focus is on player development and not as a second job. Because of this, we are able to offer a high quality product to families of the community at an affordable price, all the while, delivering benefits and services that even the biggest clubs in the state don't have. 

Aggies FC has extensive ties to professional players, coaches, teams and talent scouts throughout Great Britain and try to regularly involve them into the Aggies programs.  

Aggies FC Logo
Aggies Player kicking a ball in the air
Aggies Team after winning a tournament
Aggies team getting a chat during half time
Aggies Player dribbling past an opponent


  1. Positive self-worth

  2. Team is greater than Self

  3. Education first

  4. Dedication and Hard work

  5. Be teachable

  6. Have Fun - it's a game and they are children. If they're not having fun, we're not doing our job!

Girls Soccer Team with Coach

"As long as the players are having fun, we believe they will continue to Love and thrive in the game!"


As a club then, putting family first and church & school second will give them balance and perspective, not only for soccer but for the rest of their lives. Our aim is to help build strong values in the youth of our community and soccer is the vehicle.  

Family Soccer with son about to score a goal

"Aggies FC is an affordable way to play competitive soccer with the benefits of an organized club!"


CLUB FEE: $60 per year per player ($40 for one season). There is no monthly fee like other clubs. This fee is used for equipment, tryout expenses, administration, coaches jerseys and player support as well as future development programs for the club.


TEAM FEE: Most teams collect a team fee of around $20-$25 per season for expenses for the team. This fee may vary, depending upon individual team needs.  


TRAINING FEES: Specialized trainers are available to assist the various teams and coaches and may incur a separate charge.

Tournament Fees are extra.

Aggies Fees 23-24.jpg
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