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Our Soccer at Home program has been set up to help guide parents to teach their child, inside the home, or out in the yard, for a short period of time each day (15 - 20 minutes) using the ball mastery videos available below

Research has shown that developing new skills - whether in sports, music or the arts –at an early age, jump-starts the cognitive development in young child’s mind.

When following the Soccer at Home program, there will be lots of benefits to giving your child a head start within the sport but you can also help your children who may be already playing. Practicing these brilliant basics will help your child enjoy training sessions, competitive matches and build confidence - THESE BASIC SKILLS BELOW ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILLS YOUR CHILD NEEDS TO LEARN!!

Soccer Practice
Soccer Practice


To create a safe environment for your child to enjoy the learning process within your home. Allocate time in your schedule to work through the practices below.

Try to engage with your Child 15 - 20 minutes per day and provide as much positive encouragement for your child as possible.You can do as much or as little as you like but we recommend at least x3 sessions a week for your child to really feel the benefits.

Stationary Ball Mastery 

STATIONARY - PART 1 - these moves that need hardly any space and is all about getting comfortable with the ball with little movement. In the video to the right there are 26 different moves for you to try with your child - the moves get harder as the video goes and try to do each one for 10 - 20 seconds......ENJOY!!!

On the Move Ball Mastery 

ON THE MOVE - PART 1 - these moves that need a little space and is all about getting comfortable moving with the ball and changing direction. In the video to the left there are 8 different moves for you to try with your child - the moves get harder as the video goes and try to do each one 2 - 4 times each......ENJOY!!!

1V1 Technical 

The video to the right highlights the importance of players being  comfortable with the ball, move with the ball at different speeds and change direction, with examples from the pro game. These basic techniques are critical in your child's development and will take their enjoyment of the game to a new level.

1v1/1v2  skills

The video to the left highlights the details around 1v1 skills, where the pressure will come from and examples from the pro game. Putting basic techniques under pressure from another player is critical in your child's 1v1 skill development and will help them embrace pressure rather than fear it and grow their confidence


Empowering Parents - this in turn develops and deepens the family relationship: appreciation, gratitude, respect, admiration and love…..

The home environment and emotional endorsement are key elements to a childs development, but also a potential soccer player.

There is a common denominator amongst the worlds best. All of these players started engaging with a ball between 2-5 years old. All credit their parents with their love for the game and early success.

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