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Welcome Parents, we at Aggies FC understand how much of an integral part you play in your child's development and their participation within our club, so we would like you to be more involved.

Within this page you will find the following sections:

Parent Feedback (COMING SOON)

Below we will have a link to our unique parents questionnaire as we would like to understand what we as a club can do more for you and your child, we would like to know what direction you would like the club to go and anything else that you think might help grow the club and we look forward to your feedback

Parent Soccer Education and Training Practices

Our head coach Simon Collins has also developed an area where you can help develop your child at home as that is where soccer starts for most players. On the page we will have some educational videos around ball mastery and the 1v1 techniques and skills as the 1v1 scenario that happen all over the pitch and in every position. This will help you understand the importance of making these individual skills a priority and help develop these skills to make the game more simple and comfortable for your child as it is ALL ABOUT THEM AND THEIR DEVELOPMENT!!

Parent Apparel

In partnership with our supplier Pride we have created some parents apparel so you guys can feel more part of the team.

Choose from a range of branded Aggies FC t-shirts and hoodies to show your support for the club and your child's team.

Soccer Fans


Your feedback is critical for the development and future of our fantastic club.



If you have any questions about anything above, please contact Simon at

We look forward to shaping the future of the club together with you.

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